Review 2


A Match 1-3 with a-c.

1. take off a) delay
2 get away from b) leave the ground (plane)
3. hold up c) escape

B Fill in the missing phrasal verbs.

look forward to pop in put on

1.     Could you … and see your mother on the way home?

2.     We’re really … the summer holidays.

3.     It’s cold, so … a warm jumper.

C Reread using these phrasal verbs.

pick up die for touch down eat out

1.     I would really love a cup of tea!

2.     Don’t forget to go and fetch the tickets.

3.     We often have meals at restaurants.

4.     Their plane landed at 2.30.


A Match the idioms with their meanings.

1. below the belt a) ignore it
2. up in arms b) unfair, cruel
3. turn a blind eye c) protesting
4. fall flat d) fail

B Complete the idioms.

1.     Powerful people can get things by pulling … .

2.     The plan got the thumbs … from the director.

3.     The country has a king, but he doesn’t call … .

4.     A friendly greeting helps to break … .

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