Review 3


A Match 1-3 with a-c.

1. I’m snowed under a) this form.
2 Please fill in b) this complaint.
3. Please deal with c) with work.

B Fill in the missing phrasal verbs.

check in cut out for give up
  1. Some people are not really … marriage.
  2. When do we …?
  3. It’s really hard to … eating meat.

C Are these true or false?

  1. Big companies sometimes take over smaller ones.
  2. Most people would be happy if they were laid off.
  3. Successful factories don’t usually close down.
  4. Bosses prefer workers who don’t fit in.


A Match the idioms with their meanings.

1. piece of cake a) go faster
2. take your time b) easy
3. step on it c) don’t hurry
4. miss the boat d) be too late

B Complete the idioms.

  1. The police caught the thief red … .
  2. The campaign has started, and the gloves … .
  3. We made a mistake and scored … .
  4. The doctor said, ‘These pills will do …’.

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