Review 4


A Match 1-4 with a-d.

1. back up a) the light
2 bring out b) important files
3. switch off c) of college
4. drop out d) a new magazine

B Fill in the missing phrasal verbs.

set up cut in play up
  1. The driver … sharply after overtaking the lorry.
  2. My computer is … .
  3. Do you know who … the company?

C Reread using phrasal verbs.

pull up come up with shut down
  1. No one managed to think up any new ideas.
  2. Do you think the factory will close?
  3. The taxi came to a stop outside the station.


A Match the idioms with their meanings.

1. touch and go a) unsure
2. on the cards b) get married
3. tie the knot c) try
4. have a go d) likely

B Complete the idioms.

  1. We’ll have to start again from … .
  2. Some people can memorize phrases just … .
  3. A golden … of learning is to practise regularly.
  4. It’s a safe … that I’ll forget some of these idioms.
  5. I couldn’t swim at the beginning of the course but now I’m getting … .

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