Review 5


A Match 1-4 with a-d.

1. come down a) deposit (money)
2 pay in b) save (money)
3. put aside c) manage financially
4. get by d) be reduced (e.g. prices)

B Fill in the missing phrasal verbs.

go with splash out take in
  1. He was lying but I believed everything he said. He really … me … .
  2. Do you think these shoes … my skirt?
  3. They really … on their daughter’s wedding.

C Are these true or false?

  1. People don’t usually like coming into money.
  2. Some people are put off by the smell of garlic.
  3. You can easily run up a big debt with a credit card.


A Match the idioms with their meanings.

1. two-time a) reveal a secret
2. spill the beans b) be unfaithful
3. You’re telling me. c) teasing me
4. pulling my leg d) I know that

B Complete the idioms.

  1. Look! A spider behind you! – Pull … .
  2. What’s the secret? – That would … .
  3. This is difficult. – You can … .
  4. It tastes like a Bordeaux. – You’ve hit … .

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