Review 6


A Match 1-3 with a-c.

1. go down with a) become ill with (a disease)
2 pass out b) install (e.g. central heating)
3. put in c) faint

B Fill in the missing phrasal verbs.

cut up burn down go out with
  1. Our hotel … .
  2. How long has Jill been … Andrew?
  3. Helen was really … when her cat died.

C Reread  with phrasal verbs.

finish with burn down walk out (on) stick by
  1. Our house was destroyed by fire when we were on holiday.
  2. Friends should support each other.
  3. Tom has ended his relationship with Julie.
  4. How could he leave his wife and two children?


A Match the idioms with their meanings.

1. no way a) share costs
2. go steady b) definitely not
3. he’s history c) in a regular relationship
4. go Dutch d) in the past

B Complete the idioms.

  1. As soon as they met it was love … .
  2. He took out a ring and popped … .
  3. Some people plan, others play it … .
  4. He’s in love and only has … for her.

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